Orange Management Solutions stays up to date with the ever-changing medical and communications worlds. Our medical claims processing software allows you to not only transmit electronic claims, but also to receive electronic remittance advice. Electronic billing connects directly to Medicare and Blue Cross, and to other insurance carriers using WebMD applications.

   Electronic claims dramatically increase staff efficiency by previewing claims information for required fields, and increased cash flow due to briefer turnaround on your payments. You will find remittance is an even greater time saver and also provides you with increased cash flow, due to the automatic payment posting allowed by this function.

   Our physician's office software amplifies your staff productivity by automating the billing of secondary insurance and providing standard reports such as aging, delinquent accounts, and more. For those payers or areas where electronic claims submission is not possible, the system allows the filing of HIPAA compliant standard universal claim forms.


 Electronic Claims Submission and Remittance.

    Electronic claims submission is very common with software vendors.  Many practices however do not have electronic remittance.  THE REAL SAVINGS, HOWEVER COMES WITH REMITTANCE.   One practice reduces eight hours of posting to one (Syracuse Eye Center.)  The person performing the posting has a chance to inspect each claim and note any irregularities.  The money can be directly posted to the practice account, which also saves time.  The electronic posting in addition reduces the likelihood of clerical errors.

    "In the paper-remittance system, claims are paid by checks accompanied by an explanation of benefits.  Your practice's business staff must manually enter the detailed benefits information in the computer under the appropriate patient's account. In a busy solo practice, processing a large check can easily consume an entire day.  For a group practice of three to four (physicians), the task requires about 20 hours per week overall....

    Although software that enables electronic remittance costs more than packages that do not, the system really pays for itself in a year or so, depending on the practice size....

    ....The electronic system should then save 16 hours of data-entry time each week (or 80 percent of the average 20 hours allotted for the task per week).  Assume that the practice's trusted biller earns $15 per hour (the average industry wage is $ 15-20 per hour).  Multiplying this staffers hourly wage by 16 hours per week yields a weekly cost savings of $240.  At that rate, the software would pay for itself in...."  (Corcoran, KJ. Save Electronically. Review of Ophthalmology 1999, 6(10):38-40)


  • Improved collection - electronic claims typically provides a one-month advance in revenue, and cuts bookkeeping costs by 80%.
  • Time saving - uploads and downloads of claims take a fraction of the time required for handling manual claims.
  • Savings on labor, time and postage by using electronic transmissions.

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