The Orange Management Solutions system offers you the ability to communicate within or outside of the office at any time of the day or night. Electronic mail is a great time saver and provides a marked increase in staff efficiency and staff productivity.

   The communications software and modem can be used to access your entire automated medical office system from anywhere, at anytime. You can check your schedules, respond to or send messages, or pull up medical records for review right in the convenience of your own home, at your leisure. It gives you the connectivity needed to take advantage of communications vendors such as CompuServe, America Online, and Internet service providers to give you a world of information at your fingertips.


  • Reduce your non-patient office time by analyzing your financial and marketing reports from a remote PC. (Hopefully from the beach)
  • Draft your vacation or conference time by checking your schedule for the months ahead.
  • Running out of office space? Rather than paying for costly real estate, think about non-commuting personnel. This may be just what you need for those on maternity leave, key employees who cannot get to the office due to weather or physical limitations; or simply contemplate the positive effects on pollution and traffic problems.

Employees could have access (according to their password usage) to the business from a remote PC; everything except actual physical contact with the patient or equipment. Such areas include, but are not limited to:

    • Verify patient appointments
    • Print and send recall
    • Marketing practices such as printing labels for a group of patients
    • Billing and collections
    • Claims, both electronic and HCFA forms
    • Surgery scheduling, according to your orders
    • Referral information
    • Medical and referral letters
    • Obtaining billing and demographic information, complicated medical histories, long lists of medications, etc.


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