Over twenty years ago, Orange Management Solutions developed our medical software systems to achieve maximum staff efficiency and staff productivity, while providing the utmost in healthcare management software through an automated medical office system. We have maintained our medical practice management software system throughout the years, and continue to fulfill our mission today, by utilizing the latest technologies to update our clients' systems, including HIPAA Compliance, as well as a patient medical record system which complies with HCFA requirements for coding and billing.

   Working with Orange Management Solutions whether it be with the medical software systems or our medically oriented staff, is friendly and comfortable. How can such a comprehensive healthcare management software system be so easy to use? Because it was developed and nurtured by end-users (doctors who use their own practice management system). It was designed to fulfill the needs of those medical practices with the foresight to anticipate the need for patient management software including such items as automated medical billing, medical electronic claims, and electronic medical records. Changes and modifications that are made to our medical practice management software are those that truly enhance productivity and respond to current medical practice demands.

   With Orange Management Solutions, information entry is logical and easy. Our medical information management system prompts you should you forget how to enter something, and guides you through our user-friendly screens and look-up windows. This menu-driven patient management software takes you step by step through your data entry and retrieval. Information is entered in a uniform way, and is collected in an efficient and timely manner.

   The most important reason to use medical software systems is to be able to retrieve the most current information about your practice in the most efficient method possible. To that end, our medical practice management software is built along the following guidelines: easy reading, easy access, easy entry, easily expandible and compatible , easy report generation, our philosophy, system features.

Each screen in Orange Management Solutions medical office software is easy to read and edit. All the information for each patient in your practice management system is at your fingertips, and is readily displayed on the screen or printer. Every medical information management report can also be printed on hard copy or viewed on the screen as the user desires.

Our physician's office management software keeps you informed up to the minute, in order to increase your medical productivity.

  • Did you forget your schedule for tomorrow? Consult your Online Scheduling.
  • Do you need a patient's phone number? Get it immediately using your patient information management.
  • Receive a phone call at midnight and can't remember what procedure you did? Your electronic medical record system instantly provides you with the pertinent information.
  • Are you tired of spending non-patient time in the office? Use your online practice management system to run your reports from home, or from any other remote site.

   Dial from any place in the world into your medical software system and get the answer when it is needed.

Data required by our patient management software is easily input, as entry is menu driven. Our medical software system also provides online help in the form of pop-up windows, so even a novice can accurately enter, and effortlessly retrieve Online Patient information with the type of staff efficiency previously available only from longtime employees. Throughout the medical management software, keystrokes are reduced by look-up options which display valid entries for selection.

Orange Management Solutions physician's office software will provide the single user and the large multi-physician, multi-site practice with a practice management system that will service your needs with HIPAA compliance, and will continue to grow with you. We supply an automated medical office for widely varied practices, from family practice to the most specialized type of medicine, by storing data in system tables and dictionaries. Our medical software system will run on top of Windows XP or Windows 2000. Either operating system supports the entire constellation of Microsoft products, as well as any other proprietary programs that run in a Windows environment. We selected these operating systems because both have full networking capability for file and printer sharing, which allows for growth and expansion of the patient management software to fit your needs.

No matter how complicated your practice management system reporting requirements are, you will not need a programmer to generate the necessary reports. Answering a few easy and logical customized parameters, and consulting our online help when required, is all that is needed to produce the proper documents.

Orange Management Solutions developed our medical software system based on our desire to provide the utmost in patient care.

   To increase the safety, efficiency, productivity and profitability of medical practices by the application of computer technology.

   The manner in which we deliver medical care has to change. Medicine is decades behind other industries in the adoption of computer technology to the actual delivery of services. We, as a profession, need to concentrate on improving the most important of all interactions - the doctor patient interaction. Maintaining and strengthening the doctor-patient relationship is key.

   All of us who practice have to admit that our ability to access and handle large amounts of data during the course of daily practice is not at good as it should be. We all have long term complicated patients, whose charts are thick and heavy enough to be used as boat anchors. It is no longer humanly possible to store and retrieve key elements and easily compare findings over the course of a patient's history, without the aid of a computer system.

   The OMS™ system is modular and runs the gamut from patient demographics, through electronic remission to online medical records. You can add modules at your own pace.

   When you made the decision to enter the medical profession, you probably planned on spending the majority of your time on patient care and very little time in managing the office. That was our hope, too. Realistically, however, we ended up spending a large portion of our time in office management. We wanted to do something about that! To that end, we saw the need for an automated medical office management system that allowed us more time to care for patients.

   We constructed a system that eased the burden on staff and physicians from spending time on scheduling, processing, submitting and tracking insurance claims. The time and energy saved could now be spent on practicing medicine.

   Our system was created because we wanted to increase our staff efficiency and staff productivity. We wanted more time practicing, and less time managing.

   Orange Management Solutions captures the data necessary to exercise effective practice management. Hundreds of reports are available at any time. Unlike other systems, complicated reports can be generated and run during a busy office day in a background mode, so system response is not slowed down. The reports are selected through a few logical parameters that don't require a programmer's expertise. As medical practices change, so does the software.

   Healthcare management software is not a substitute for a good business plan, but it is invaluable in developing, implementing and tracking the goals of the plan. When we started development of our medical information management system over twenty years ago, computerization was a luxury for the most forward looking practices. It is now a necessity for all aspects of health care delivery.


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